Bitxoe, an innovative crypto escrow platform, is now live on the Binance Smart Chain(BSC). The primary objective that Bitxoe hopes to achieve is to create an innovative escrow ecosystem. On top of that, the platform’s architecture seeks to serve users through a decentralized escrow system and data-sharing network.

Leveraging the BSC network will bring several advantages to Bitxoe’s functionalities. Now a days, Ethereum’s network faces a major influx that led to an increase in gas fees. As a result, developers are opting and utilizing Binance Smart Chain technology whereby users can enjoy cheaper transaction processes that can cost as low as 1 cent.

Furthermore, BSC offers a high-performance transaction operation with the ability to generate a block within three seconds.

Another important advantage is that the independent BSC blockchain enables the users to run and grow their decentralized applications along with the respective smart contracts. In general, Bitxoe hopes to encounter these advantages as it now resides on BSC’s sustainable and scalable technology.

This current move makes the current decision a well-calculated one. Being only one of the few projects on both BSC, bitxoe [XBE] is positioning itself in the current move to be a serious contender in the ecosystem.

More Value for Bitxoe[XBE] Token Holders

Speaking of the BSC integration, CEO declares that, “This is a great opportunity to test the effectiveness of our products and operations,”

The CEO points out that multi-chain deployment supports expansion which leads to more value capture.

“More and more escrow transactions on Bitxoe means the platform receives more fees which means more funds to buy back and destroy XBE in the market, which will further deflate XBE.”

As Bitxoe continues in its endeavour of being a top, reputable escrow platform that provides an excellent escrow environment for its growing community, alongside, it will aspire to deliver unmatched value to the entire crypto and blockchain industry.

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